Jen and Dayton Thompson


We are so excited to announce we have changed our name to Jen & Dayton Photography  formerly (Jennifer L.K. Thompson Photography)! Six years ago I was really excited to start my photography business. Dayton assisted me on all my shoots and quickly became more interested in photography and began shooting. It was so amazing to see how gifted he was and over a year of shooting beside me we became a husband and wife photography team.

Growing up I have always had a camera in my hand! I began to travel at age 13 and volunteered in other countries whenever I had the chance. It was an amazing experience being able to leave the country and learn about other cultures! I believe these trips have influenced how I view life and my photojournalistic/fine art style in photography. I learned not only did I love to travel but I discovered my love for photographing people and capturing the stories they told. Once out of High School I studied Photography and Fine Arts in college. I think I took about every art and photography class that was available! It was a wonderful learning experience that taught me so much about art but also about myself too.

Dayton always had an interest in art and he took video courses in junior high and high school. After high school he traveled around the country living in Arizona, California and Arkansas, but he always ended up back in St. Louis. Dayton has always loved traveling and seeing new things and meeting lots of different people. He is very handy and always working on projects. He loves refinishing vintages pieces to add to our stylized shoots!

After college Dayton and I got married. We have been married 8 years already and have been blessed with 3 amazing children. Aidan, August and Penelope! Dayton and I love working and shooting together. It’s so fun to be able to work with him!  Most sessions and weddings we photograph feel more like a fun date night with friends than work. With all of our sessions we really like to get to know you and you feel comfortable working with us! That’s when the best images are captured!!!

We do things a little differently than most photographers. We hand edit each image to make it look its best. We don’t bulk edit. It’s so amazing to see each image one at a time and tell the story of your day. In the end we want you to love all of your images from the details to the portraits and everything in between. Each wedding also includes a personal copy release. We believe each couple should have their images after their day to keep forever. It’s also important to us that you feel free to share with family and friends. These are your images and we want you to get the most you can from them!